Tip of the Iceberg

There are a lot of things in life that remain hidden and we only know the surface. There are truths that we have yet to know. This segment of my blog explores and unveils the tip of that iceberg. Through interviews and coffee chats from different authors or industry professionals, we will get an insight into what’s “out there” waiting for us in the career or life that we want to lead. Let my mindful musings also guide you as I explore different facets of life using philosophies.


  • Read/watch interviews and coffee chats from different industry professionals. Let’s learn about their journey as they talk about how they navigate their careers and success.

  • Event recaps or booking signing events I have been to.

  • Read my mindful musings where I reflect on different Philosophies from famous philosophers, history, and culture. Let’s learn about the things in our past that shaped our present. I will also be sharing interesting places to visit and explore to de-clutter your mind.