Hi I am Cheena!

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Born and raised in the Philippines and now based in Toronto.

My principle in life is that if something will improve your life, GO FOR IT. There is no harm in investing in yourself first. I know from the get-go that I love writing and reading books, so I decided to make a blog. This blog started way back in 2013, where I mostly write about books, reviews, and recommendations.

As I grew older and started my marketing career, I also started a side hustle in freelance writing where I collaborate with various companies and write blogs for them. I have worked with multiple independent publishing houses to read and write book reviews and create a buzz in social media.

In this journey, I became passionate about philosophy and how it exists in all facets of life. I realized that we could learn many things from other people, and their philosophies in life could help us understand ourselves better.

Thus, I have decided to expand my blog and use this as a platform to explore different themes and ideas to help us improve ourselves.

Read below to see the content of this blog, and you might find something that interests you.


Books Reviews / Analysis

  • Let’s explore what lessons can we learn from stories. We will discuss themes and important philosophies that we can also apply in our personal life.

✎ Behind the Brands

  • What can we learn from different businesses and their brands? We will talk about how certain brands started and what business and marketing strategies they have that we can learn from.

✎ Tip of the Iceberg

  • Read/watch interviews and coffee chats from different industry professionals. Let’s learn about their journey as they talk about how they navigate their careers and success.
  • Event recaps
  • Read my musings where I reflect on different Philosophies from famous philosophers, history, and culture. Let’s learn about the things in our past that shaped our present.

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