About Me

Hi I’m Cheena!

Writer with a passion on content strategy

A bit about me:

Born and raised in the Philippines and now based in Toronto. My journey in writing creative content started in 2013 when I started blogging and writing book reviews for books I have purchased and read. I lived and breathe flat lay design to help me create engaging ways to present my content. I take creative shots of books and made micro-content on social media. Then, Adobe Photoshop has entered my realm and has become my favourite tools for my graphic designs and visual illustrations. Later on, I have worked with a few independent book publishers for collaboration and promotion of indie authors on social.

Now, I am helping people build a strong digital presence through the power of content creation, whether it’s for personal or business.

So is this a portfolio website or what?

When I first created this website, I asked myself, how do I bring value to people who are visiting my site for the first time? I don’t want to just have a website that says “hey I am Cheena, I can help you make engaging content, this is my portfolio, contact me, yada-yada.” I want to bring a little bit of life on my website by giving you resources that could help you in your journey of building your personal brand.

Aside from my portfolio/works, here, you will find my research and analysis of different companies’ marketing strategies. I will also be providing book reviews of marketing & business books and give recommendations on what to read next. From time to time, I will be featuring professional people’s works by interviewing them in hopes that it will inspire someone one day to find his own voice. My blog section will contain different marketing topics related, how-to posts, and discussions on marketing trends.

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