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Admit it or not, endings affect how we see a book. We could spend our whole life liking a series apart from its ending. It also affects how we rate a book, you could have given a book a 5 tar but because you didn’t like the ending, it will become 4… 3… 2.. or 1. We invest our time in a certain series or books and of course we expect a justifiable and just ending for our characters. Because reading the characters story becomes part of our lives. And if they ended badly, part of ourselves are left shattered and broken.

This week, I’ll tackle about the Top 10 Novels With Disappointing Endings. Mostly, I will include here Young Adult because that’s what I’ve been reading mostly these days. Well this is probably going to be an unpopular opinion but this list is just based on what I think disappointed me, they’re not basically bad endings. It didn’t just appeal to me as much as I thought it would. And also, this post may contain MAJOR SPOILERS.   

But don’t worry, I’ll alert you guys if I’m going to mention spoilers.



10. The Catastrophic History of You and Me   by Jess Rothenberg catastrophic

I’ve read this book two years ago and up until now, I can’t forget the feeling I’ve got from reading this book. I felt cheated. The whole concept of the book is good and what it wanted to deliver to the readers. But toward the middle of the book up to the end, I felt like the author lost a grip of what she wanted to tell us.  She failed to describe or help us get into the story to catch up the scenes she’s trying to imply. I have many questions unanswered and even I was surprised that suddenly everything was resolved and ended in a snap.

*SPOILER* Lily’s reincarnation part and the trading of soul moment on the island of nowhere became so confusing .*END OF SPOILER*]

I got lost. I mean suddenly, I was sure that I was on total grip with the characters but I lost the connection. The story become messy and I did not like it.

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9.  Attachments by Rainbow Rowell  Attachments+US+Hardcover+hires

This book was a light read but I wasn’t happy from the ending though it was happy ending.

[*SPOILERS* So Beth and Lincoln met, but that was it. The end. And it all felt so weird knowing that Lincoln knows Beth but she doesn’t. I was expecting something more, that maybe Rainbow showed us what happens after. Did they spark into a good relationship? or the whole events of the book didn’t matter because Beth didn’t end up liking Lincoln? *END OF SPOILER*]

Lincoln didn’t grow as a character, even up to the end, he remained passive to me. I’m not a fan of the romance or was it supposed to be called romance?

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8. End of Days by Susan Ee 

end of days.jpg

I personally loved this series but I wasn’t satisfied with its end. Maybe I have said this alot on my instagram posts but the book felt too short. Originally, Susan Ee planned to make it a 6 book series but for some reason it was compressed into a trilogy. Lots of questions left hanging and they weren’t answered. After finishing the book, you get the feeling that something is lacking. You feel empty even it didn’t end up tragically. You will feel unresolved. No way!

[*SPOILERS* So in the end, Raffe chose to stay on earth to live with Penryn. He gave up his messy archangel life Just. Like. That. I mean, he worked hard to retrieve his wings so he could go back and settle all the disputes.

 Did the Pit lord specifically asked for Raffe’s wings? Am I missing something? maybe. What will happen when Penryn aged?  Why did Pooky Bear suddenly rejected Raffe once more knowing that he gave up his wings for a good cause? So where does the sword’s loyalty lies? Within the wings?

You know what, I wasn’t expecting a happy ending in this series. I have braced myself for what might happened.

Like Raffe and Penryn will not end up together because there is too much responsibility in their shoulders. I expected Raffe defeating Uriel in the election. And convincing all the angels that he traveled to the Pit itself to collect their fallen angels which he can do the same once he is the Messenger. Isn’t the reason why the angels are so anxious about the judgement day is because they want to retrieve their fallen friends? [*END OF SPOILERS*]

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7. The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye  crowns game.jpg

I have yet to post a review of this book on my blog, probably tomorrow. This book was one of my most anticipated 2016 reads. The premise of the book was good and I think the ending was just okay. It didn’t leave an impact to me and I feel like it gave away much of what will happen for the second book. By reading the ending, we all know where the book is heading and I feel like there is nothing more to anticipate other than that specific thing. Even so, it still didn’t sound appealing and exciting to read for me.

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6. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins


The whole battle in the end was pointless in my opinion. I loved this series but the ending was a let down. It felt too predictable and political. And I didn’t like what happened to the characters, it was all so unfair. I’m not a hater of this book but I’ve invested a lot of emotions in here.

[*SPOILERS* I didn’t like that Finnick died, I didn’t like that Annie died, that Prim also has to die and Gale. So many deaths I don’t want to see. But have to went through all those. *END OF SPOILERS*]

I wasn’t expecting a happy ending here too because that would be unrealistic. I was just disappointed how Suzanne sums it all up.

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5. Allegiant by Veronica Roth ALLEGIANT.jpg

You must be thinking, “oh she’s crazy for disliking the ending.” Well, I didn’t hate it, I was just disappointed. Divergent trilogy is one of my favorite ya dystopian novel because it managed to capture my picky heart. I loved the characters so much and I resonate with all of them.

[*SPOILERS* I didn’t like the fact that Tris died. I bawled my eyes out after reading that end scene. I felt empty and sad for her fate. She has been through A LOT and I feel like she didn’t get the happiness she deserved. Her death had become her peace. But come on, there is Four, they could have lived happily and with peace. I really feel sad for Beatrice Prior. I’ll forever miss her. *END OF SPOILERS*]

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4. Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell


Oh I almost forgot this one. This was a stand alone Peter Pan retelling that has a lot of potential to be a good book but like my previous issues, the ending felt rushed.To think that this was a stand alone, some questions weren’t answered and there were loopholes in the story that I wanted to let it pass but I couldn’t really ignore. I wanted to explore the world of Neverland not just a tad bit. It’s like you know that the setting was in Neverland but you don’t feel like you were there, because to me, it didn’t feel that alive. I wanted more. The pacing was quite slow but on the last few pages of the book wherein so much thing should have happened, it suddenly become all fast-paced but it felt too short and incomplete. And the final battle was a meh to me. There is no intensity and didn’t give a climactic-edge-of-the-seat feeling as opposed to what it has promised.

[*SPOILERS* The author marketed the characters, especially the villain as undefeated and strong but they just died hopelessly. I mean, of course I wanted them to be defeated but I want some real fights. I didn’t see it in here which is why I didn’t like it. Gwen left Neverland without a resolution and worst, she took Hook with her to live in London. I don’t even think that Hook wants to live in London in the first place because Neverland has been his home. *END OF SPOILERS*]

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3. Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi IGNITE ME.jpg

Though this book is full of Warner my loves, I feel like it’s compressed too much into few pages left. I just wish I’ve seen more of that. Why is that? The action part of the book started late that is why there is no room for the end to be much more elaborated. Then there’s a whole ordeal of politics that didn’t sound real enough and I got lost in the midst of it. I want to see more because everything happened so fast and before we know it, BAM! the problem was resolved! Time to go home guys!

[*SPOILERS* I want to see how they have taken down the reestablishment and how Anderson begged for forgiveness while kneeling in front of his sons. It was just said but not described. *END OF SPOILERS*]

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2. Requiem by Lauren Oliver


The premise of this final installment says, Lena leads Julian on to make Alex jealous. That’s it. That is basically the whole book. I loved Delirium and I also adore Lauren’s writing style. But I just don’t know what went wrong with this book. It felt flat and I feel like it left more unanswered questions than what it actually answered. Like in Unhooked, I felt unresolved here. The romance suddenly became annoying and redundant interactions between the two leads kept on happening. The plot of this book was too big to end JUST. LIKE. THAT. No no we needed more, the story deserved better than what it has gotten.

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1. Never Never:  Part Three by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

never never.jpg

*drumrolls* Gosh! I was so disappointed with the ending of this series. I can safely say that I HATED THIS ONE. I felt like Colleen and Tarryn played pranks on us. This book was so pricey for just what 90 pages? This whole series should have been compressed into a one book. TBH

All those mysteries… All those foreshadowing… those betrayals… those clues we tried to fit in together… to just THIS. Give me a break. Part One started interesting, it got me invested in the story because there must be a mystery surrounding why Silas and Charlie forgets each other. Tarryn and Collen gives us clues of what it might be. Then book Two opened with much more twists but oh it never gave answers, instead, it just left us with more questions but little revelations. And then book Three came out. It’s the final installment and we all thought that all those mysteries would be answered. Yes, they gave us a crappy reason for why those things are happening. All the clues they inserted in the previous books were all for naught. It was all forgotten and seemed irrelevant. This book felt too soppy and I don’t think it deserved to be called a mystery-paranormal book.

I’ll paraphrase what T.S. Elliot said,

“This is the way this book ends … Not with a bang but a whimper”


So everyone, this concludes my Top ten tuesday post. Thank you for reading it up until the end.  I hope you guys liked it and not hating on me now haha. 😀

Now I want to know in the comments below your own picks! What books/series/novels you think had a disappointing ending?

See you next time!

Cheena Louisse xoxo ~

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