Hey bookish peeps! I have been hiatus for a long time. I have missed a lot of TTT posts for the last 3 weeks. At least, now I can breathe, now that I know that I am graduating TOMORROW.  I think I am back to blogging! 😀 (and also should start looking for a job)
Nobody loves spoilers isn’t it? Nobody likes to be spoiled on what’s gonna happen on the book you’ve been reading or maybe the book you’re planning to read. But no matter how hard you try to stay away from it, there are still evil forces that get in the way. When this happens, you lose the thrill or a certain thrill you might feel had you not been spoiled.
So this week’s Top Ten Tuesday will talk about the top 10 annoying source of spoilers!

TOP 10 Annoying Source of Spoilers

10. Word of The Mouth Characterized by Accidental Eavesdrop.
These are things you didn’t intend to hear but you did. These came from people talking about random stuff about the book you haven’t read (or you’ve been reading), loudly in public. For instance,  you were riding a train or maybe a bus and a group of friends rode the train/bus too. They were talking about a book they have read and talked about everything related to it, EVEN THE ENDING. Worst is, you haven’t finished it. You can’t unhear what you’ve heard. Like how?
These are the people who clearly knew you’ve been reading a certain book and they suddenly told you the ending.
Ex. Me: Hey I am reading this ___
Friend: omg that book is beautiful I cried in the end especially when this character died… Oops sorry… I shouldn’t have said that…
Me: ….
Friend: What? It wasn’t even a spoiler. I didn’t tell you how he/she died
8. Attending Book signing Events Without Finishing the Book.
When you attend a book signing event and people there keep on talking about the book. But you certainly have no idea what they’re talking about. This is given because it’s normal for us bookworms to bring out all our feels toward a book and we do this by talking about our favorite/annoying events in the book.  And before you know it, you’re totally spoiled. Well we can’t blame them on this part but this is always a source of spoilers. Attending a book signing without reading the book. I attended a book signing recently but I haven’t read the sequel. The author said herself that no spoilers should be said. But some people were shouting why did you do this and that to the character! Why did you kill him/her!!?
And there you are sitting on the side, feeling isolated from everyone else.
7. Reading Random Review.
Book reviews are a fun way whether to assess if a book is good or worth reading but some are insensitive and don’t even bother to put a”spoiler alert note” on their review…
This is a problem if they put a significant event such as a death of certain character or a major plot twist on their reviews.
 rickman rage gif.gif
I put spoilers on my reviews too but I make sure that I put a spoiler alert  note before it.
6. Random Flipping of Pages and You Accidentally Saw a Scene.
A very significant scene. You have no one else to blame but yourself and your eyes for focusing on those set of words. My sister’s friend once got spoiled by flipping through the pages of the book he just purchased. He had read the very line that states that the character died.
5. Social Media

Social media is also a source of spoilers especially in tumblr and in twitter if you happen to search the hashtag of the book you’re reading. Or maybe a character’s name. Tumblr provides fantastic edits about the book but sometimes it can be tricky to risk being there when you haven’t finished the book.  Like what a booktuber said, tumblr is the pandora’s box of spoilers. So it is best to stay away from those for awhile. Also in Instagram, bookstagram to be exact, which is such an awesome community and I love interacting with all my fellow bookworms. But it can be tricky too like like in tumblr. Assuming you posted a picture and if that book is so popular, some will interestingly comment something. Either how much they love the book or some comment.. SPOILERS!!

This also happened to me when I was searching on Wikia about the character description and I’ve read more than what I should. A spoiler located below the picture/fanart/name of the character. Moreover, the more you search about the characters, the more chances of possibility for you to get spoiled.
4. Watching Book Talks/Review on YouTube
Watch at your own risk they say. If you haven’t read the book, you should refrain from watching book talks on youtube because it’s obvious that there would be spoilers especially if the booktuber didn’t say that it is a spoiler free review. But don’t worry too because most booktubers usually give spoiler free reviews on the beginning and mention it if they will go and talk about the spoilery events in the book. They would ask you to close the video and just returned once you’ve finished. So yey!
3. Reading the Plot Synopsis of the Sequel of the Book. (if it’s a series)
Indeed you’ll be spoiled when you read the plot synopsis of the second or third book and so on. Not only that you’ll see the fate of the characters, also some plot synosis have significant recaps included.
For example: After Deca’s loss of the previous rebellion, she is now hunted by her own lover who betrayed her…
Dylan’s death made Alexa fight against the government, to give him justice…
So it’s really really best not to read the plot synopsis of the next installment of the book if you haven’t finished the first one.
2. Searching the Quotes from the Book
We all love quotes especially if it’s so deep and it hits us right in the feels. Sometimes while we’re reading, we couldn’t stop but read in goodreads some of the best quotes from the book and post it online. This is risky for those who haven’t finished reading because quotes, even if they are a line or a dialogue, are like excerpts taken from the book which contains an important event that might lead you to spoilers.
1. Our Own Recklessness
So aside from some of the source of spoilers, one of the reasons why we get spoiled is because it’s OUR FAULT. We know we aren’t prepared to have a conversation about the book because we haven’t finished it and yet we initiate some of the talks. We surf on the internet and fangirl about the book. It’s a matter of choice and we still choose to click that link/website that gives out the details of the events in the book. It’s really hard to avoid spoilers so it’s advised that we should do our best to stay away from it. Remember if we get spoiled, we sometimes lose the certain excitement about the book. We might not enjoy it as much as we should if we weren’t spoiled in the first place.
It’s not the end of the road if we have came across spoilers. Because you don’t know what events that occurred that lead to that certain event. Just cheer up and don’t give up on the book and just continue reading it. And if you came across a friend who spoils the whole important events in the book, feel free to imitate Fin.

just kidding :p


So what are the things you do to avoid spoilers? Comment below 😀

See you again next time bookish peeps ! :*


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6 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] TOP 10 ANNOYING SOURCE OF SPOILERS!

  1. I LOVE this list! This is all so on point – I’ve experienced all of this. Some of the ones that annoy me the most are when I discover spoilers in random reviews, when someone blurts stuff out without realizing they’re major spoilers, and social media. I think social media can be especially irritating because Twitter and Goodreads updates make it so easy for people to talk about their surprised reactions. But talking about the actual plot twist in a Twitter post or Goodreads reading update is not okay! I’ve been burned by that one too many times 😦


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