heir of fire


TITLE: Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass # 3)

AUTHORSarah J. Maas

GENRES: Young Adult, Fantasy

FORMAT: Paperback

PUBLISHER: Bloomsbury

DATE READ: April 4, 2016


Consumed by guilt and rage, Celaena can’t bring herself to spill blood for the King of Adarlan. She must fight back…

The Immortal Queen will help her destroy the king – for a price. But as Celaena battles with her darkest memories and her heart breaks for a love that could never last, can she fulfil the bargain and head the almighty court of Terrasen? And who will stand with her?




“It was a message to the world. Aelin was a warrior. Able to fight with blade or magic. And she was done hiding.” 

Massive! This book was effin’ long that I almost had a slump (blame the witches story it was really hard to get into in the beginning) but I didn’t mind it because the more I get to the center of the story, the more it gets interesting! Heir of Fire wasn’t as perfect as Crown of Midnight but this was an important book. I felt like the events that occurred in here were “major” subplots that would be useful for the fourth book. It’s more like bridge that will take us to the highlights of Queen of Shadows and that’s dmn exciting.

Lots of new characters were introduced in this book, also there’s a whole new setting which is in Wendlyn, a country we have yet to explore. It also gave us little revelations but at least we got some of the answers we were looking for.



Celaena in this book grew so strong and powerful. And I’m glad toward the end, we get to see the depth of her abilities that it even scared the wyrd out of her aunt, Maeve. Dayum. But this wasn’t the end because we all know that this is just beginning. That she have to get back what belongs to her and claim her rightful title as the  “Fire Breathing B*tch Queen.” Celaena was quite emotional on this book as she still mourn for Nehemia’s death and all the other losses she had. This make it hard for her to shift because she is holding back. It takes everything in her to unleash her full potential because she had been broken. She had been broken as Aelin, and by becoming Celaena, she can escape the dark past she had. If not for Rowan, maybe, just maybe, Celaena would have broken down. I was really amazed because it was like she had unlocked her powers and her powers combined with her assassin/blade skills, she is unstoppable.


In the grand scheme of things, I still have no idea whether the story about the witches will impact the plot development or not. Lots of chapters where dedicate to them. It made me think that there should have been a novella for them at the end of the book instead of inserting their story in the middle of the chapters.

There are different clan of witches and all of the heir are fighting for the rightful title as the Wing Leader who would take lead on the battle the King of Adarlan has set for them. The witches didn’t necessarily swear a full pledge for the King of Adarlan but rather fighting for him to get their land back. We have also discovered that the king had been breeding wyrvens which I imagined as dragons with beastly look. Each witches would choose a respective mount that they will use to fly across the borders.

On the bright side, I started to like  Manon. We have seen that she was introduced as a fierce and heartless witch and heir of the Blackbeaks clan. But as we go on, we could see that she starting to have a heart especially after acquiring Abraxos. She tried to spare the life of one of the witches in the Bluebloods clan where in reality, she should be killing them. So I am still not sure if I would have the same impression of Manon once she meets Celaena and possibly have a headstrong battle with her. (?) Or will she turn and be an ally?


Rowan on the other was one of my favorite characters from this book. I am not sure if I like him for Celaena more than a friend since I am Team Chaol. But there were events here that swayed me. I’m excited to see more of him in the book. Will he become… Warner of Shatter Me?

He is Fae but with sworn blood oath to Maeve, meaning he shall serve her no matter what. He is also one of the six elite warriors of Maeve. He was tasked by Maeve to train Celaena before she’ll be taken into Doranelle as part of Maeve’s deal with Celaena. At first I grew annoyed with him. He was a sadistic and cold-hearted and he beat Celaena literally with no signs of relief. But he’s just doing it to train her to be better. So that she would stop being stubborn and stop hiding from her powers. So she would stop whining and stop being afraid. (WARNER ANYONE? HE REMINDS ME OF HIM)

I guess people really learn the hard way. Toward the end, we have discovered that he is Celaena’s carranam. Carranam is the Fae you share your power with. For Celaena, her power is fire while Rowan is wind and ice and they can share the power and claim each other.  And together, they can be so much powerful and that kind of bond was rare. Twists and turns happened and Maeve had freed Rowan’s oath that’s why he was able to pledge an oath for Celaena. And his allegiance is now with Celaena. I’m really excited where this would lead.

Can a Carranam Prince Fae who had sworn a blood oath to you can have a relationship with you more than what you have right now? Let’s say… a mate?


I like him but not as much as I like Rowan. He was Aelin’s cousin who had survived the doomed of Terrasen court. He now served as the General of the King of Adarlan who manages the affairs related to war. He had this soldiers called The Bane but we never get the chance to meet them. Through him, we were able to discover the truth behind the ring the king gives to his associates. Aedion suspected it had a hypnotic spell that will make you follow the king’s order at all cost. Not wanting to be controlled, he forged a fake one and also faked his allegiance to the king. While on missions, he secretly gather potential allies that will support Aelin. Though we all know that he’s an ally and I kind of felt bad for him since he wanted to be the first one to pledge an oath to Aelin. He even fought with Ren for that position but little did he know, some other Fae had claimed Celaena for the blood oath.


We know so little about her and what she can do. But we all know one thing, she isn’t to be trusted. She might have agreed to let Rowan and Celaena go, she would get back to her for sure. Knowing that Celaena/Aelin could be a major threat to her as the most powerful Fae in the whole Erilea. And there is one thing I am curious about here, why was the ring, given by Celaena (which was from Brannon’s friend) so important to Maeve that she is willing to free the allegiance of one of her greatest soldier, Rowan? Did it contain a wyrdkey? Or she’s just sentimental ‘cuz it was from her ex? She can’t be that emo though 😛


I feel bad for Chaol. Not just because he just lost a lover, but also he is torn between protecting his kingdom and his bestfriend Dorian, or Celaena while she regain her throne in Terassen. It is indeed true that the more you know, the more things become difficult. Celaena had told Chaol the truth and left him with the truth that is hard to weigh. It’s pretty amazing that he had managed to balance the two. Teaming up with Aedion and telling him about Aelin’s truths will also help him gain knowledge about the power the King of Adarlan wield. He is doing this also to protect Dorian. I really want to hug him because ’til the end, he’s always the protector. But throughout this book, I can see that slowly, my ship for Chaolaena is sinking…

I’m excited to see if there would be a heist to save Dorian and Aedion. Will he team up with Ren? And I’m excited for the grand reunion of Celaena and him. (will my ship still sail?)


So Dorian’s power has now been revealed! He is Elsa! His power was ice and it was revealed on the last few pages of the book when the king had summoned him, Sorscha, Chaol and Aedion in his chamber. He stopped the arrow from hitting Chaol by turning it into an ice! And wooooosh!! he set the whole room on ice to let Chaol escape because he believed that one has to live in order to tell stories to Celaena. But his sacrifice was ill fated when the king put him a necklace with spells in it that will make him submissive to all the king’s command. I wonder what will happen to him? How is he gonna be free to that? Will the king use him as a weapon against Celaena? I.DO.NOT.KNOW. THE KING OF ADARALAN WAS RUTHLESS!



  • Death of Celaena’s Parents and how Arobynn Got Her. 

When she first meet the King of Adarlan, he wasn’t still a conqueror of most of the countries of Erilea. He probably was just a king.  Terassen court has deemed to be the most unconquerable country in the whole Erilea. That’s why it got the name Mighty Terassen Court. Maybe he was there that night, to observe how he would be able to infiltrate Terassen and conquer the whole Erilea. And he know exactly who will be his weapon. Aelin.

Also her childhood memory of her parents murder as well as Lady Marrion’s, was indeed heartbreaking. She sacrificed her life just to save little Aelin. I almost tear up reading that part and I really felt Aelin’s agony so I can’t blame her if she wanted to be Celaena Sardothien. It was no doubt that the king was the one who sent assassins to slaughter everyone in the Terassen court. Everyone but Aelin. So when Aelin ran to escape, remember that she said she was found by Arobynn in the river. That’s why she grew up in his Assassin’s keep. But what the eff is Arobynn doing in Terassen? Is it possible that he is one of the assassins who was hired by the King of Adarlan to do the job?

  • Clocktower 

Remember the clocktower inside the palace in Rifthold? Will Chaol join the heist and try to break it? Someone has to right? Because it is suspected that it contains a wyrdkey. I’m excited! Hope they will team up!!

  • Celaena’s Scar in her back 

Seriously this scene when Rowan saw Celaena’s back that is full of scars reminded me of Outlander’s James Fraser. In Outlander, Jamie also bore a scar on his back due to the whipping and flogging of the ruthless Captain Jack Randall of the Redcoats army in 1740’s. When people saw Jamie’s scar they were also moved that they even donated moneyput of sympathy


Poor Jamie’s back. (hugs him!) 😦 Celaena also bore scars on her back and after seeing this, Rowan started to consider her and reflected on his acts toward her. He stopped being mean to her because he saw that she had been through worse times in Endovier. Like I don’t know if Rowan’s heart would melt if he hadn’t seen Celaena’s back.

One of my favorite part was when he traced Celaena’s scars and stitch a permanent tattoo in it. He made her scars an art! Something she would not be ashamed of. Something she’ll be proud off and that’s really moving ❤

  • Getting the Wyrdkeys

I am curious as to how this will happen. It has been revealed that the necklace she had as a child, contains a wyrdkey. That’s why Terassen remained unconquerable. Because the court has a wyrdkey which is in Arobynn’s possession now. Celaena thought that she lost it in the river but she figured out that it’s in Arobynn’s possession. I really can’t wait for the reunion. What awaits her in Rifthold?

  • Sorscha

Though I didn’t like her, her death was really unfortunate. I think she’ll be Dorian’s agony…

  • The Valg Princes

Well they weren’t much explained or described but we knew that they were folks from the other world who inhabit a body by sucking all the victim’s agony ’til they become weak. It kind of remind of this



  • Celaena Removing The Ring That Chaol Gave Her

So this is the part that my ship sunk. I have been rooting for them ’til the end. But the fact that Celaena removed that ring, it could mean that she had moved on or she’s willing to let go Chaol.


Rowan is okay but I still don’t ship him with Celaena. I still like chaol and I will ship them ’til the end. Maybe the reason she removed it is that she will focus first on her goals. But I wish… that after everything… Celaena would be able to find a heart to love again. And I wish it would be Chaol… JUSTICE FOR CHAOL WESTFALL!









Thank you bookish peeps!


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