Sarah J. Maas

Seems like yesterday when I first read her book and fell in love with her style of writing. Throne of Glass series is a phenomenal bad ass book and A Court of Thorns and Roses is a book with an enchanting story and a deep allegiance to true love. Sarah J. Maas has magic in her that made her one of my all time favorite authors. And up to now, I’m so happy for the opportunity to finally meet her and thank her for making an epic fantasy story that helped me see the world not what as it is, but what lies underneath it.

It took me a week to post this recap since I was busy with school works 😀 But now here’s my recap of the amazing book signing of the #1 New York Times best selling author, Sarah J. Maas here in the Philippines organized by none other than, National Bookstore 🙂 They did a stellar job in organizing this event and it was different from the previous book signings organized by them which I have attended to.


Last Saturday (March 12, 2016), me, together with my cousin and my sister, camped out outside National bookstore to secure a slot in Sarah J. Mass’ book signing which will be held the next day, March 13, 2016. The first 350 people are the ones who will be accommodated on the said event that’s why many fans camp out for the night.

12873428_10205839290249204_138347407_o   12874429_10205839290369207_701018406_o  12887425_10205839290289205_1644627811_o

View in front of the venue. There’s already a line around 10 pm.

I just love how organized everything was in the venue. Even at night time, there were event securities who made sure that the line was secure and no one would break in. They did some head count every now and then and we also like the fact that they weren’t that all so broody scary and serious peeps. They even joked with us and they didn’t even sleep all night just to make sure everything stayed organized. I’d like to think that they were also sent here to keep us all safe especially there were risk in camping out. (And it’s my first time so I’m also kinda scared to stay outside all night.) But knowing we had some people to watch us out, I think I had a good sleep and so did everyone.


Photo taken the next day while almost everyone beside me was sound asleep. (Except of course my sneaky sister)

Anyways so we freshened up and ate breakfast afterwards. And at exactly 10 am, the registration started. We fall in line and then the people from the registration checked out books and marked them and gave us our numbers. Strictly books bought from National Bookstores/Power books were accommodated and only 3 books per person were allowed to be signed.


Sea of Sarah J. Maas’ books

Well yeah as you can see, only the UK versions of ToG were available so I have no idea if they allowed the U.S versions (even bought from national bookstores long time ago) to be signed since I suspect that UK versions were the ones shipped in National Bookstore for this signing. I’m one of those people who really loved the US versions but, anyway, the content is the same so it wasn’t so bad. What’s important is to meet the person behind these wonderful series.


My signing pass

So I got number 75 for the signing itself. Though it’s only 3 books per person, I still brought 5 Maas’ books and I gave the other two to my sister so all my books will be signed. (Can’t really miss the opportunity) Good thing she’s also a fan of Sarah so she was also dedicated enough to camp out with me.


The waiting game begins. Some people didn’t really leave their spot and stayed waiting til it’s 2 pm. Well those empty seats were reserved. Even if you camped out, I guess you can’t really get a seat unless you got friends in front of the line who’ll reserve for you.  Well anyway that’s not my goal for the signing, but man it’s a lot more comforting to sit in there than to slack on the floor for 4 more hours.




Me and my bookworm friends decided to eat first then we came back. We’ve been here for almost 13 hours and yet we still need few more hours to get to the highlight. So we did our best not to be bored waiting and to kill time, we did a little of picture taking.

12062717_10205748880389014_386574802_oHi there 🙂


Celeana meets Feyre :p

After 16 hours of waiting, finally, the event started! The MC introduced Sarah J. Maas and the crowd started to cheer! The long wait is finally over.

Sarah, together with the cosplayers of the characters of the book – Photo Source: National Bookstore Page

When I first saw her, I couldn’t contain my feels! She is really gorgeous and the photos doesn’t do much justice to showcase how beautiful she looks. Her looks also compliment her personality because she is a lovely person! Her aura makes me smile and makes us feel good.


The interview then started and the MC asked her lots of interesting questions which she answered with much liveliness. She’s really bubbly and a fun person to talk to. What I noticed is that when the mc asked her questions, she doesn’t just answer it briefly, she tells a lot about it, she tells us the whole story so that we get the full picture of what she’s trying to say. She’s chatty like a best friend and we are all comfortable and laughing with her.

Though I can’t remember everything on the interview, I remembered her telling us how much she loved STAR WARS and LOTR. She even admitted that when she was a teenage girl she imagined herself as Han Solo or maybe Luke Walker trying to defeat Darth Vader. Then she had an idea that what if Han Solo was a woman. (well that’s really cool!) She wanted stories like that she wind up writing stories like that. Stories about women who have their own epics and sweeping sagas and get to do alot of kick ass things. She also said that as of now she has two leading ladies and that a lot of her stories happen to be female centric and can’t explain where that comes from. She said that one day, she may learn how to write like a dude. (but you’re really doing awesome Sarah!)


Photo Source: National Bookstore Page

The MC also asked her about her world building process when she writes. She said that she wrote the first three books over the course of 6 years and by the time she got to the end of 6 years, she just graduated from the university. (omg I don’t even know what I was doing when I was 16, but look at Sarah, she started writing that early!) She also admitted that at that time, she really wanted her story to be published but also knew that the story she wrote when she was 16 wasn’t that good yet. So she decided to rewrite it word per word. In those 6 years of writing the story, Sarah said that, she have finally figure out what she wanted to do with the world in her story and the characters in it. She had learned more about the characters and also grew as a writer.


Photo Source: National Bookstore Page

“When it comes to world building, I’m actually really bad at explaining my technical writing process because so much of what I do comes from my gut and from my heart. And it’s a product of me reading, tons and tons of fantasy books. But what I want to tell the writers who are interested in writing fantasy is, let the little details do the heavy lifting. The smallest details can add so much light and vibrancy to your books. – Sarah J. Maas, when asked about her world building process.

She also said that when she was building the world of Throne of Glass and ACOTAR, she draw the world into her own travels all over the world. She mentioned how her travel from Scotland last summer and the scenery she saw there made its way into the world of A Court of Mist and Fury (sequel to A Court of Thorns and Roses). That’s really excited and I can’t wait for the release day! 😀

After series of Q&A from the MC, the fans were also given a chance to ask questions. I wasn’t able to take notes to all of it but my favorite would have to be the question; since ToG and ACOTAR have both faerie characters, is it possible for a character/world crossover?


Photo Source: National Bookstore Page

Sarah answered that the Throne of Glass world and the ACOTAR world are not from the same world but they are part of the same mega verse. So you could open a world gate and walk into the world of ACOTAR. Omg! This answer of her made us all excited whether one day there would be a book about it! Rowan meets Tam? WHY NOT! But then Sarah said that as of now she has no plan on doing that but who knows! (fingers crossed. MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!)

Also Sarah was asked what’s gonna be the backbone of her next series and she said that A Court of Mist and Fury is going to be a retelling of Hades and Persephone myth. I was like asdfghjlkl! I knew about that myth! and these images suddenly flashed into my mind:


I’m #TeamTamlin but I won’t deny that the sequel would be this… dark.. and sexy… Especially when Rhysand, High Lord of the Night Court, is concerned.  Oh swoons! Sarah why do you have to wreck my ships all the time. T_T


After the Q&A portion, the REAL highlight of the event started. The book signing proper and the numbers were called by batch. We waited… and waited… then finally our numbers were called.

We fall in line but as I approached, something unfortunate happened. The event organizer/staff said that my ACOTAR can’t be signed since he really cannot prove that it’s bought from National bookstore. But I showed him the receipt and told him that in the registration it was accepted since I showed the receipt. But he still didn’t accept it. 😦 I was about to cry since ACOTAR was the first book of Sarah that I’ve read and I have prepared the questions I would ask about it and what dedication I wanted Sarah to put in that specific book. I thought about the camp out we did and how much time we sacrificed for our books to be signed. But I did not complain or said anything more because what’s important is to meet Sarah. But, I’m really on the verge of my tears…


Signing proper and Sarah said she liked my shirt!

My mood light up when I saw Sarah face to face. She’s really beautiful up close. And Her eyes… it reminds me of Celeana Sardothien “Turquoise ringed with gold” eyes. Sarah’s eyes were blue, almost like Celeana! Hah! I thought it was gray or something from afar.


I wasn’t able to ask her many questions but I told her how much I adore her and that she is the QUEEN OF OTP, SHIPS AND FEELS. I even asked her what’s her favorite quote from the book and I’m so glad that she wrote it in my Heir of Fire book! “LIGHT UP THE DARKNESS”

Heart heart! Let’s RATTLE THE HEARTS! (excuse my face)

Though I was a bit disappointed that  my ACOTAR wasn’t signed by Sarah, I was really happy with that swift but truly unforgettable experience. But then, Sarah’s husband, Mr. Josh, was also signing some books! He has a separate line and many people have already started to fall in line. Since my ACOTAR wasn’t signed, I also fall in line and let the other half of Sarah sign it on her behalf. PAPA MAAS TO THE RESCUE!



He was chatty and I asked questions like what team is he in ACOTAR and he said he’s #TeamTamlin! I also asked if sometimes, he feels like Sarah writes about him and include his character traits into one of her characters. And he said, so far, Sarah won’t do that yet and if she does, he would notice. :p

10584491_10205748894229360_649481452_o   12823108_10205748894749373_197379302_o

He was really kind and approachable. His personality and Sarah’s suit with each other and I really ship them! I think they’re one of the best couples out there 😀 And I’m glad how supportive he is with his wife’s profession.

When asked what’s his favorite book, he said it was ACOTAR. And we said oh you must be really happy that it was specially dedicated to you. And he said, a bit “twitter-patted” was the word. And we all burst out laughing.


Photo Source: National Bookstore Page


At first, I was upset that only 350 people were accommodated. It was then that when I watched how Sarah interacts with her fans I realized that she really wanted to talk with us intimately. And imagine if thousands of fans were allowed to attend, she won’t be able to entertain us all because she would be forced to rush the signing. But those 350 fans, I know that each of them had a wonderful moment to remember. We savor the moment and left delighted.

All in all, it was really a memorable and unforgettable experience. One of the memories that I’ll always look back with a smile. I wish that this isn’t gonna be the last time that I’ll meet Sarah J. Maas. I wish there are still more opportunities in the future. She is a wonderful and a genuinely beautiful person inside and out. And she deserve all the praise and success she have right now.

I thank all the people who’s behind this book signing event. You really made our dream come true. National Bookstore, Raffles Makati, To my dad who gave me money to buy her books as a graduation gift, To my bookworm buddies, Thank you 🙂



I love the messages/dedication! ❤


QOTD: What’s your favorite fantasy book?


That’s all for today bookish peeps! See you again on my next post! Byieeee


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