[LATE POST] Book Signing Recap: Victoria Aveyard in PH

Book signings are one of the most wonderful experiences to have. It is a time in which you meet the author who wrote your favorite book and you get the chance to meet him/her and have a small chat while signing your book.

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Red Queen series, Victoria Aveyard had her book signing in Manila, Philippines last March 6, 2016. It was held on National Bookstore in Glorietta 1, Makati City. It was her second day in the Philippines as she had her book signing on The Gallery, Ayala Center, Cebu a day before. This isn’t my first time to attend a book signing. But this experience was memorable because it was really swift and bittersweet. Though I was happy to meet her, I’ve had issues with the way things went during the event. But I’m not going to complain. I am thankful for this opportunity to meet her courtesy of National Bookstore and Epic Reads.


Yes, I am a book blogger but I am not one of those book bloggers with the privileged to meet the author before the actual event starts (eg., those who conduct interviews in Powerbooks). I am one of those who wake up early in the morning to fall in line to get a chance to get an early number since I knew that the author will have hundreds of fans.

So, I woke up at 2 am in the morning and left the house around 3 am. I’m really determined to be early in order for my book to be signed early. I went with my cousin and her classmate who was also a fan of Aveyard. We arrived at exactly 4:30 am and the line was already long. But we tried to count it and we’re like on the first 50 or 60 people. At least that’s what we thought.

The registration starts at 10 am so we waited and just sat there and I continued reading Glass Sword. Hours later, the sun has risen and I decided to walk and check the situation in front of the line. And I’ve seen the increase number of people there which was really obvious that they just sneaked in the line. I knew those flock of people weren’t there before. Well, I want to get angry but then again, I asked myself, if I were in the same situation, if I have a friend in front of the line, would I sneak or fall in line honestly? I am not angry with them, just upset. This isn’t my first time in book signings and I know this tactics of reserving a slot exists. Because in the end, we all want our books to get signed regardless of the number. I just wish that you think about the efforts of the others who really invested their time, sacrificed sleep for this.

Anyway, we were ushered to fall in line while we register. And I am number 129 not quite bad for an early bird since Aveyard indeed has lots of fans… Then me and my friends took a picture of our book signing pass knowing that the bookstore will get this after.



At 2:00 PM, the book signing finally started. The MC welcomed Ms. Aveyard and the crowd cheered. It was all out ASDFGHJKL feels upon seeing her.

ave 1.jpg



ave 2

She talked about her character world building. She even mentioned what TEAM SHE IS and who she ship with MARE! SHE’s TEAM MAVEN. OMG. But then she said that she’ll stick with TEAM MARE because she’s rooting for Mare all the way. The interviewer asked her too if what super powers she would love to acquire if given the chance. And she chose whisper. Deadly and indeed terrifying.

In her interview too, she revealed that though she wanted to give us a hint of the title of the third book, her publishers would scold her haha. She’s so funny and cute. But in the end, she gave us a hint, that the third book would have “bone” in it.

Me and my friends suddenly made wild guesses like “Bone Marrow?” “Bone Barrow?” “Queen of Bones?” “Bowl of Bones?” “Kingdom of Bones?” haha we certainly don’t know.

Anyway, I was a bit sad because her interview was quite short but I understood since over a thousand fans registered for her signing. Imagine how tiring would it be for our Queen.

Then the highlight of the event commenced.


I’m quite loss of words upon meeting her face to face. The first thing I said was her name is like Queen and called her her majesty. haha and she laughed. even told me that she liked the “Rise Red As Dawn button pin” attached to my shirt.



dang look at that smile. Can’t hide my joy that one of my favorite authors is in front of me.


This was indeed a swift but unforgettable experience that I won’t ever forget. And after finishing Glass Sword, I want to hug Ms. Aveyard. Though some the National Bookstore’s staff are a bit strict, I’m glad I have made the most out of it. Thank you. And I’ll always remember our encounter Queen V.A.




That’s all for today.



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