REVERIE QUARTER | EP. 1: Oh My… Reading Slump?



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Hi Bookish peeps! Welcome to Reverie Quarter!

This is a casual weekend segment here in my blog in which I’ll be sharing and discussing my opinions, musings, ramblings and thoughts about life/blogging/books or any topics under the sun.


So this is the 1st episode of this segment and I want to talk about Reading Slump!

We all have been there. Or maybe we are currently in there. Reading slump. It’s a threat to us as a bookworm. It is like a doctor’s findings that we dread and we don’t wanna know.

I have to admit, I just came out of reading slump today. The last book I have read was Winter and it threw me into a huge book slump. BECAUSE IT WAS SO GOOD. I felt like I can’t go on with other books. And it took me almost a week to finish Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

But BEHOLD! I have been saved and I’m finally back into reading!


Yey! So in line with this, I will share with you guys the stuff I did to get out of the slump along with many other things on how to prevent falling. into. that. traitorous. chasm. that. destroys. our. reading. goals. and. bookish. spirit. “Reading Slump”

Let’s start our bookish chinwag!


How Do You Know You’re in a Reading Slump?


It is the feeling that when you pick up a book, it just doesn’t feel right. You can’t get into it, and you don’t get excited to read at all. You love to look at the shinning shimmering cover of the book but the inside doesn’t excite you anymore.

You find yourself staring at the ceiling or maybe looking at your book shelf to find which one is the best to read at the moment. So you have chosen a book and you start to read it. But slowly, you lose interest and decided to get your phone, and scroll in Instagram or Tumblr for 3.5 hours to look for awesome fan arts or quotes or funny gifs to reblog. And before you knew it, it’s time to go to bed. And you have not made any progress into the book you’ve been reading and later on, you lose interest into continuing it.

That’s why the next day, you do other things to excuse yourself from reading. Until you get addicted to that new activity, until you forget that you have a long list of TBR (To be Read) books. A list that has been there forever and a list that increase and increase and increase. But you halt from reading. Because you don’t feel like reading. You’re still a bookworm though, but a sideline member of the Reading Slump Society.


Causes   (based on my personal experience)



So you have just finished reading the best book evuuuh. You have lived inside their worlds for too long (especially if it’s a completed series and you have all copies of it.) You were so engrossed into reading it and you have felt that the characters were your best friends and you were part of that world. Now you’ve flipped on the last pages and you realize that there is a sun that burns your skin, a world outside that book, in short reality. Post-book depression is the number 1 cause of reading slump. Because the last book you’ve read was so deym good and you can’t get enough of it. You can’t forget how every sentences and events in the book made you feel. And you can’t forget that gorgeous fictional boy.

And I am guilty of this. After I’ve finished a great book, I don’t easily read a next book. After writing reviews, I always find myself searching for stuff about that book. I go to tumblr to look for fan arts. I look for quotes. I read reviews. I watch fan made trailers of my favorite ship. I listen to songs that remind me of the characters. My mom thought I was weird for talking about that characters all day as if they were real. (BECAUSE THEY FELT REAL MOM!!) I “spazz” (fangirl.intense.level) about that book.

And because of this, I can’t read another book because I’m still living inside their world.


  • NETFLIX/IFLIX (or whatever flix or site you use) to watch a SERIES:

That special episode of Sherlock: Abominable Bride was really intense. It made you want to re watch all the previous Sherlock season. Oh oh and also since you have developed an admiration toward Dylan O’ Brien’s acting skills, you decided to check and watch Teen Wolf. It has 5 seasons with a total of 75 episodes and 6 specials. And deym, Da Vinci’s Demon is really one of the best series out there and you cannot stop watching it. And you also got hooked with the story line and the 10 times that Glenn almost died in Walking Dead but didn’t. Plus wew there is Shadowhunter series and Lucifer. And then, there’s an endless list of good Korean dramas to watch. (This all happened to me. 😦 )

You just get into watching series continuously that you have lost time in reading. Watching a series is also like reading a book and it’s normal that you want to keep on watching to know what’s going to happen next. You have become more of a seriesworm more than a bookworm. The downside of too much watching is that it snatches away your reading time until your forget that you have long tbr list. Reading is a commitment. It’s not bad to watch a series. But tbh, I am sometimes torn between watching or reading. That’s why when I watch, I always make sure that it isn’t too much that will make me fall into a massive reading slump. But still, I can’t win. Temptation is everywhere :p




I’m again guilty of this. Sometimes I forget to continue reading the book I’ve been reading because of too much social media. I take lots of books picture to post the next day on instagram. I stayed on facebook for to long just scrolling and scrolling and watching whatever video plays. Sometimes I found myself wondering why I was on fb for too long without anything to do. I also reblog and post stuff on tumblr. I window shop books and add it to my to-read shelf in goodreads. The cycle continues ’til the day is over and my book was left in the corner and my tbr just grew.



We all have responsibilities and other things we need to do aside from reading.There is school and we need to pass projects or maybe exams. There is also work. Sometimes we get home late and we are too tired to read any chapter. We don’t have to neglect this because wanted to keep up reading. We should balance everything. But the reason why this becomes one of the cause of reading slumps is that we use this as an excuse not to read. “I can’t read, I have school projects to pass. Oh I have a presentation tomorrow. I have exams. I have no free time.” The reasons continue to grow. So the thing I do to still keep up reading despite a busy schedule is I always bring a book with me just in case I have free time while I’m in a bus or subways. Or maybe during lunch breaks. There is no such thing as I don’t have free time. It is your choice whether you give yourself a space for free time.


Errr so… You want to avoid reading slump too much that you keep on reading and reading even your soul wanted to sleep. Yes too much reading especially if you’re not in the mood to read can make you fall into a reading slump. You don’t have to force yourself to read. Forcing yourself to read will only push you further in. You will end up in a huge slump or maybe DNF the book. Read when you feel comfortable reading. Not when you’re in the middle of having a crisis. But be sure not to stay out for too long.


How to Overcome Reading Slumps?


There is no real cure for reading slumps because it varies from person to person. But there are few things you can do to somehow get away with this. Remember, reading slump is not a forever phenomena. If you really love to read, this slump will eventually wear out. Nevertheless, here are the things I tried that helped me that might also help you if you’re in a slump 🙂



I found this very effective since it helped me a lot in overcoming the multiple times I have been on slumps. After I read a heavy genre like a genre that is too action-packed like fantasies or action adventure, I choose to read a light read genres like contemporary romance. Then after that I go back to reading another heavy genre. Then another light read after. In that way, I will not easily suffer from Post Book Depression since I gave my mind a time to relax a bit from a heavy read.


Not literally taking a break for a long time. It’s taking a little break after you read, in short, breathe. :p When I finish a book, I write a review then after that, I take a break and continue reading another book the next day. I don’t read another book right after I finish a book. I give my mind a time to relax and appreciate the beauty of the book I’ve just read. Don’t read everything all at once. Take things slowly and DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF WITH OTHER READERS. Some are really fast readers and can read three books a day. It’s okay if you’re not like them. Otherwise you will end up skimming the pages of the book and not going to enjoy it. I do my other hobbies like playing the flute, blogging, singing in the shower (ladada di ladada ladada) but in the back of my mind, I’m still committed to reading. Which makes me anticipate the next day.



Don’t force yourself to read for the sake of completing your reading challenge or so you’ll have a long list of read books. Reading is an activity that you do because you love it and you enjoy it. It shouldn’t be something that puts you into pressure or make you uneasy. Like I mentioned above, it is not healthy to force yourself to read if you don’t feel like it. You will either end up DNFing the book you might really enjoy if you’re not in a slump.


This happened to me before. I was reading All The Light We Cannot See and I was really anticipating to read it. But then I started it and then when I’m in the middle I suddenly lost interest but I still forced myself to read it. I ended up putting it aside and doing other things but not picking up a new book because I’m committed into finishing that book. It made me fall into a long reading slump. I’ve lost the will to read a new book because I didn’t feel like it. And I still managed to finish that book but I did not like it. I don’t know if it’s because I was in a slump or I really didn’t enjoy it.



Another way to go back into reading once you’re in a reading slump is to re-read your favorite books. It is a fun way to bring back your bookish feels. I have done this with Anna and The French Kiss, and it really made me feel like I want to read more books after this. So why not try re-reading the book you have grown to love. Who knows, it might be a great way to get you back into reading.


Yes! Visit your favorite bookstore and surround yourself with books. This is also a way for you to discover new potential books that you might want to read in the future. Plus being in a bookstore is really like being in a paradise 🙂 Isn’t it our favorite thing to do when we go out?


Yey! This helped me alot in recovering from a slump. I did not watch their book reviews but I’ve watched the other segments in their youtube rather. I also reconnected and talked to lots of people in the bookish community and they helped me in overcoming my slump. A fun way to get you back into reading is to “spazz” or fangirl or talk about your favorite book with another book lovers like you. 🙂 By the way, here are my favorite booktubers and they’re really fun and they’re my favorite people in the bookish community. 😀 And I hope their tips will also help you in case you’re in a slump. Don’t worry, we’re all in this together. *virtual bookish hugs*



So that’s all for today my bookish friends. Hope you enjoyed the first episode of Reverie Quarter even it’s lengthy. hihi *puppy eyes*

Let me know in the comments below on the things you do or did to overcome your reading slump! I would love to read and discuss it with you:)







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