Hi bookish peeps! Welcome to my TTT. This segment of my blog contains my weekly Top 10 picks of anything related to books/reading. This is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish .

This is my first time doing this segment in my blog. I’m really excited to share with you guys my weekly Top 10 picks of anything related to books/reading. I would also love to see your top 10 list in the comments below or you can link your blog so I could see it too and we could “spazz” (react/discuss/fangirl) it together.



  • OTP – One True Pairing
  • SHIP – Two people in the same fandom/story that you romantically-strongly                          support and root to be together.


These lists are from some of the books that I’ve read. It’s really hard to make a list because there are many fictional characters to ship out there. But anyway, here are my top ten picks:


10. KATIE & DAEMON (LUX SERIES) – They are in my rank 10 of couple I ship so hard. I’ve read Obsidian last year and their romance is undeniably cute and sweet. The two first met when Katie knocked on Daemon’s door to ask for direction ‘cuz she just moved in the town where Daemon lives. They are like cats and dogs because they always fight and then reconcile. I love the little snippets of their moments together in which they opened their hearts to each other and have those “honest talks.” Katie is the type of girl who doesn’t easily fall in love even that guy in front of her is as hot as Daemon Black. She still weigh whether this romance she’s about to take is going to lead her into her own happiness or doom. On the other hand, Daemon is the determined one. He’s obnoxious but has a soft side that he never show to anybody other than Katie. He’s sweet and quite possessive and he easily gets jealous when guys go near Katie. He can really protect you against all the odds ‘cuz he got some alien super powers to take the enemies down.

9. ANNA & ETIENNE (Anna and The French Kiss) – How wonderful it is to fall in love in the City of Lights, Paris. And ever since I’ve read a contemporary romance, nobody has yet to top this couple in my list. Anna and Etienne first met in the School of America in Paris where Anna is a transferred student there. What I love about this couple is that they started out as friends. It’s really a good thing that before you start a relationship is you establish friendship first. And I like the fact that they made each other feel that home may not always necessarily be a place, it can be a person too.

8. JULIETTE & WARNER (Shatter Me Trilogy) – So this is the couple I’ve been shipping so hard ever since I’ve read the first book especially when I’ve read the final book, Ignite Me. Warner may appear to be the villain in the story but in the end you’ll see he has reasons for doing those things and it is all for Juliette. What I like about their love is that they bring out the best in each other. Warner can make Juliette feel strong and make her feel like she is not a flaw and she can be the best version of herself. On the other hand, Juliette can make Warner feel that he is not composed of evilness and that he has a heart. 

7. ADELINA & MAGIANO (The Young Elites Trilogy) – Though we have yet to see if this ship will come true in the book, my number 7 ship/otp would have to be Adelina and Magiano from Marie Lu’s The Young Elites trilogy. We met Magiano after Adelina recruited him to be a part of The Rose Society. What I like about Magiano is that he appears to be only interested in the treasure and money he’ll get after Adelina succeed with her plans but like Warner in Shatter Me, he cares a lot about our heroine. He secretly protects her. He loves her and care for her and the treasury in the palace is just an excuse. I think he can light up our dark little wolf. He is in line with the gods of joy in the story and he is the suitable man for Adelina. I think he can heal the darkness inside Adelina’s heart.

6. ALINA & NIKOLAI (The Grisha Trilogy) – I would never choose another guy for Alina other than Nikolai Lantsov. “Like calls to like.” The two were first brought together because they have the same goal they want to achieve. What I like about Nikolai is that he never forced Alina to do anything against her will. Even when it comes to his love, he never even kissed her knowing that she has someone else in her heart. He is willing to wait for her and also support her. He sacrificed a great deal even himself in order to help Alina.

5. CRESS & THORNE (The Lunar Chronicles) – They are the cutest “fairy tale retelling” couple ever. An innocent Lunar girl meets a self-righteous ex-convict who calls himself Captain is really a giddy and full of cutesy romance. Cress and Thorne reminds me of Eugene and Rapunzel in Tangled (‘cuz yeah this is Rapunzel retelling), they are quirky in a good way and their romance will surely bring smile to anyone who would read their story. They are in denial with their feelings at first because of the difficult situation they’re in which is, war/rebellion. But eventually, they’ve realized that they deserve a romance better than those dramas that Cress have watched in her satellite. Cress’s existence made Thorne pursue to become a good and decent man.

4. PENRYN & RAFFE (Penryn and The End of Days Trilogy) – This couple gave me a great deal of “FEELS” and to anyone who hasn’t read this series yet, I do recommend it! The characters are so relatable and their chemistry is beyond compare. They are funny and sweet and all their interactions were perfect. So for those who don’t know, Penryn is a normal human girl and Raffe (a.k.a Archangel Raphael) is a fallen Angel. Their fate intertwined due to unexpected turn of events in the apocalyptic era on earth. So yeap lots of complicated things happened in this story and this is not a normal angel book. It has something more to offer. What I like about Penryn and Raffe is that they know what their goals are. Even they knew they are in love, they won’t easily forget their goals and jeopardized the others and each other. Penryn is the type of girl that can really kick some ass and even Raffe is impressed by her human skills. While Raffe, being an angel, he is perfectly handsome and great and he knows that. He’s a bit arrogant and bad boy and Penryn despised that. Let me quote what Raffe said to Penryn; “He chuckles. ‘Evolution.’ He leans over as if he’s telling me a secret. I’ll have you know that I’ve been this perfect since the beginning of time.” They struggle to survive in hopes of one day, they can be together.

3. FEYRE & TAMLIN (A Court of Thorns and Roses) – Ah, these two. Reading these two made me believe that true love has no boundaries. I love how this book has a fairy tale touch with a deep-rooted allegiance to true love. The romance was beautiful in this story and gives us readers a satisfying-heart warming pleasure. All those sacrifices Feyre made for Tamlin made me want to crown her as the best heroine out there. She is a normal human girl too with no special powers but managed to withstand every challenge and tests given to her in order to save her one true love. This book is a fairy tale retelling of Beauty and The Beast , but yea, like in Beauty in The Beast, Tamlin needs Feyre in order to break the curse but he didn’t tell her. What I like about this is that Tamlin, never tried to sacrifice Feyre’s freedom and happiness in order to gain his. And Feyre on the other hand is willing to sacrifice even her life for Tamlin. And this is really a beautiful love story that everyone should read. I’m excited for book two!

2. JUNE & DAY (The Legend Trilogy) – I’ve been shipping this couple to the highest level since 2011. For me, they are the best fictional characters out there in the world of ya dystopian. Both are bad ass and they have proven that there is no social status when it comes to love. June is a Republic’s prodigy and a soldier while Day is the most wanted criminal of the Republic. What I like about these two is that they survived the test of time. June sacrificed her status for the sake of knowing the truth and for the sake of helping this criminal boy whom she believes is innocent. Together they embarked into a beautiful journey of discovering the truth about the world that they live in as well as developing feelings for each other. That even time tries to separate them, they will always find their way back to each other.

1. TRIS & FOUR (Divergent Trilogy) – This is #FourTris! SHALL I ELABORATE THIS? NUFF SAID. They are my best fictional character OTPs/SHIP. Because they are the combination of everything I have mentioned above. True love, sacrifices etc name it all and they have it. They are one of the most inquisitive couple in the ya world who made me love stories set in dystopia. They have grown a lot as a couple and as a person in every installment of the book. They have suffered a great deal of triumph and loss throughout the book. They are not perfect individuals. The are composed of flaws, but it’s not what defines who they are. Their romance made me believe that, love makes you stronger and a better person. And together, you can conquer everything.



SO THANK YOU GUYS FOR READING MY TOP 10 TUESDAY PICKS. LET ME KNOW YOUR TOP 10 FICTIONAL CHARACTER SHIP/OTPs too. And also, can you suggest some top 10 list that you would love to see in my list for the following tuesday. THANK YOU.




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