TITLE: Winter (The Lunar Chronicles # 4)

AUTHOR: Marissa Meyer

GENRES: Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, Fairy Tale Retelling

FORMAT: Paperback

PUBLISHER: Feiwel and Friends

DATE READ: December 29, 2015


 Princess Winter is admired by the Lunar people for her grace and kindness, and despite the scars that mar her face, her beauty is said to be even more breathtaking than that of her stepmother, Queen Levana.

Winter despises her stepmother, and knows Levana won’t approve of her feelings for her childhood friend—the handsome palace guard, Jacin. But Winter isn’t as weak as Levana believes her to be and she’s been undermining her stepmother’s wishes for years. Together with the cyborg mechanic, Cinder, and her allies, Winter might even have the power to launch a revolution and win a war that’s been raging for far too long.

Can Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter defeat Levana and find their happily ever afters?


‘Yeah, but broken isn’t the same as unfixable.’

“This is a highly phenomenal recommended series. Best fairy tale retelling so far. I am not exaggerating it ‘cuz this series is one of the best! This is how you end a series. A whopping 800 pages long, or maybe more!”

I still don’t know how to rate this book after finishing it. I feel like I have to take time to let everything sink in. So much thing happened in this book and this is probably the best wrapped up of a series I have ever read. MIND YOU. It has everything you needed for a conclusion of a series. It gives us acinematic vibe , I mean, I could see everything in my head as if I am watching a movie. And the events in Winter are the exact things I wanted to see in a movie!

It’s so phenomenal and the way Marissa Meyer build everything from the plot, the world building, the characters and their own dilemmas, the romance and action ’til we reach the climax were all a satisfying breakthrough.

I don’t know if I could give a satisfying review with all those FEELS I have right now, but I will try.



Ending a series is one of the hardest because anything could go wrong. You may end up loving the other parts of the series but hating the end.

Winter may run slow paced in the beginning but surely picked up the pace as we go through. It’s action packed and eventful. Personally, I think it’s good that we have so much thing going on in this book. It is good that we could see that plotting a rebellion is not an easy job. A lot of things must be taken into consideration and lots of preparation must be done and sacrifices must be made. And I like the fact that Marissa did that, she took time in writing everything slowly ’til everything falls into its place. And that 824 pages did so much justice for a conclusion.

In Winter we could see that some things didn’t fall into what we expected it to be. Cinder’s plan did not always go as they expected. She had been captured, tortured and almost died several times. Same thing with her friends; Thorne, Cress, Scarlet, Wolf, Iko, Jacin, Winter and Kai. Everyone faced difficulties.

The events of Winter took place in Luna.These people are Lunars. They have this glamours and powers that can manipulate anyone. They are not easy to defeat especially those who swore allegiance to Levana, a powerful ruthless ruler. They are basically in a lion’s den and they might as well be anticipating death before all this was over. This is why everything in this book made me intensely at the edge of my sit.

In a place where anything could go wrong, glamours and death, it’s good to see that not everyone is loyal to Levana. Realistically speaking, who would want a ruler who manipulates and enslaves you? The Lunars did not love Levana like she claimed. They hated her but they were too scared to revolt against her because the whole Luna works under her thumb.

When Cinder/Princess Selene came and had announced everyone that she will take the lead into this revolution, we can see that people from the lumber sector gained hope but still scared at the same time because if anything went wrong, they will all be punished.

That scene when the thaurmaturge came in RM-9 to look for Cinder, everyone looked so scared until Maha Kesley’s, Wolf’s mother decided to stood up and swore she will fight for Princess Selene, that’s were the hesitant people started to join again after trying to give it all up. It’s like “oh let’s join the bandwagon” Duh these Lunar people. Cinder had it right, it’s not just her revolution. It’s also the people’s. In order to win this, everyone must work together and must make a stand, siding her or staying loyal to Levana. They too must learn to fight.

At first I thought that this revolution would be much more easier if Kai have bring reinforcements from Earth to attack Levana. Bring all his military and bomb the palace and get Levana killed. Like Cinder said, Levana cannot control a whole lot of everyone and it’s her weakness. BUT BUT BUT. I just remembered that Cinder never intended to destroy Luna. She will save it from the hands of a tyrant ruler. And the reason Cinder went to Luna is not just to defeat Levana, but also get the people of Luna to stand behind her back and support her. Working together with Levana’s own people is a great way to win this rebellion.

I love that the plot remained true to its story and never forget the sole purpose of every sacrifices that the characters made throughout the series. I love that it is not boring and everything that’s going on is SIGNIFICANT and play a role in each events. I love the fact that things aren’t easy to get, they all worked hard for it before their happily ever after.

CHARACTERS (And their worst and best moments)

All the characters made this series so unforgettable. We all have our favorite ones and of course OTP. I love how each characters grow so much towards the end of this book. And everyone of them displayed bravery. And I can safely say that these characters are really THE FRIENDSHIP GOALS we all should have. 😀

CINDER She is inquisitive, resourceful and brave. And I love Cinder. SHE IS BAD ASS! She is not perfect, there are times in which I cringe during her weak moments, like when she was caught by Aimery, I was like CINDER USE YOUR POWER! YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT!



But then I always forget that Cinder didn’t have a proper training because she had live her life without her power so she wasn’t all that strong cuz she don’t know how to unleash every power she has. Nevertheless, Cinder is a great leader. She never wanted to be like Levana and she has this great sympathy and hope toward people. Like Kai, a great vision for a better future. I love how she deal with things, she always think of everyone else before herself. She knew that if someone has to make sacrifices, it’s her.

I love how she treasures her friends more than anything else, that they stick together through thick and thin. Cinder is the one who gathered them all together. Cinder despite being a cyborg, she has a heart. And towards the end, despite of what Levana has did to her, she still tried to accept and believe that Levana has a heart to change and repent. And even though she has every right to hate Adri, in the end she still gave them a chance by acknowledging their rights toward the teachnology that Linh Garan made. I’m sure Cinder would make a great and just Queen. And her decision of turning Luna into a Republic one day, is a one great step.

SCARLET Tbh, at first, I did not like Scarlet at all. I felt like she’s too overly damsel-in-distress. I feel like she’s the pain in the ass and always needs saving. But in Winter we have seen that how much Scarlet has grown. She initiated to take the lead and displayed exemplary bravery she has never shown before. That part where she and Winter went underground to gather the mutant soldiers is a risky decision but she still stayed and believed in Winter. She show that even when Wolf isn’t around, she is brave and she can take care of herself and she can kick some ass and take a lead.

CRESS Cress at her best. Cress at her best hacking skills. Her skill is really important in this book because without her, Cinder’s message cannot reach the entire sector. Even she is a shell she have proved herself to be someone in use. Her years being stuck in a satellite made her so pro in hacking and also familiar with Lunar’s technology. That she can be heroic . The scene where she went to the Control Panel to hack the system in order to install Cinder’s video, was so fervent. Like I was so nervous because she might get caught and things might go horribly. One of the best moment of Cress probably when she chose to stay to hack the system allowing Winter and Scarlet escape Artemsia. She could have chosen to escape with them and be safe but she chose to rsik her life to save her friends.

WINTER Winter is so lovely and I could picture her as a really beautiful girl despite her scars. All her life she has suffered beside her stepmother mockery and I can imagine how hard must it have been for her to inflict her own face using a knife because of Levana’s psychotic jealousy of her beauty. Winter had chosen not to use her gift and because of that she suffered from hallucinations which made her paranoid and insane. Jacin is the only one who could calm her. But Winter has a good heart and good reason why she never wanted to use her gift.

I thought we could never see her use her gift. I thought the whole time she’ll be like,


Until we’ve seen her use her gift to kill Aimery in the hands of Scarlet. Which made her extra insane.

I wanted to be annoyed with Winter because the whole time she is weird and a pain in the ass. It’s like wherever you bring her she will cause trouble. But then I can’t bring myself to hate her because I could see where she’s coming. She’s innocent and has been isolated from the world and not using her gift affected her so much. Insanity has become her fundamental character but we can she how much she struggles to be better. To calm herself. Despite her insanity, Winter has a good heart.

My stepmother is not only powerful because the people fear her, she is powerful because she can make them love her when she needs them to. We think that if we choose to do only good, then we are only good. We can make them happy and offer them tranquility or contentment or love, and that must be good. We do not see the falsehood becoming its own brand of cruelty.

One of her best moments is when she bravely went underground with Scarlet and convinced the mutant wolves to side with them. And also when she killed Aimery to save Jacin despite all her pursuit of not using her gift.

IKO Who wouldn’t love IKO. The whole time I keep on forgetting that she is an escort droid because she really acts like a human. She has this great sense of style and she is loyal to Cinder. Her friendship with Cinder was remarkable. I felt sad for her when her arm was destroyed it’s like she’s the most brave android I’ve ever seen and her existence keeps Cinder going. I secretly ship him with Kinney!

THORNE My favorite male character! I could picture him as *drum rolls*


SEAN O’ PRY. I DON’T KNOW WHY. Thorne earned a special place in my heart because he is so funny and also a leader type. It’s like Whenever Cinder runs out of options, Thorne is there to the rescue to offer a plan B. His personality despite always talking big, he is someone you could easily fall in love with. He loves his Rampion so much and also his crew. Thorne is dedicated and courageous. And I like that he is trying to be a better man all for Cress 😀 I laughed out loud when he was suggesting to put a rice in Cinder’s head because that’s what he did when his phone fell on the toilet. Put in a rice for days then it will function again. LOL My heart jumped when he was caught trying to save Cress. I was worried Levana might kill him but we all know, that this is a fairytale retelling so NO ONE MUST DIE APART FROM LEVENA!

Salute the captain!

KAI What to say about Kai other than a being great diplomat? He’s a great talker. An emperor who’s willing to risk even his life and love for the sake of Earth. And he had to suffer all this charade with Levana and also distracting her to keep the others safe. I personally didn’t love Kai as much as I loved Thorne. I was laughing alot when he was reading the vows with Levana. He was like “who the fck wrote this!?” lol. Kai gained my respect when in the midst of chaos he still managed to convince the Lunars to get them out by telling them that he comm the earthen military reinforcement he had. And even it’s not true that they have bombs with them, Kai spoke so eloquently that made the Lunars believe that they will bomb the palace if they don’t get out now.

WOLF I personally did not like wolf but towards the end he had shown that even he has been mutated again, he can still fight it. BUT BUT BUT, when Cinder and Levana was in the throne room fighting it’s really unnecessary for wolf and scarlet to show up knowing that they could be controlled. It’s like a stupid move.

JACIN I did not like Jacin that much. But like the fact that he tried to protect Cress. I feel like Jacin’s whole ordeal is to just save Winter, protect Winter. I feel like he just aid in helping Cinder because he wanted to protect winter. It annoyed me. But it’s a good thing that he’s an ally and his willingness to keep Winter safe was also beneficial for everyone.

LEVANA ONE OF THE STRONGEST ANTAGONIST because lots of people are backing her. But I got to admit that Levana is like psychotic and stupid. Like she trusted Jacin to kill Winter knowing that Jacin is in love with Winter. I was like HELL-O why trust him. But I can see where Levana is coming from though I haven’t read fairest. We all know that the root of her greed to power is because she was also mistreated by Cinder’s mother. And in a world of perfection, she cannot afford to be ugly. That part when she disguised herself as an old woman to give Winter a poisonous candy to make her suffer from leutmosis, really resembles how SNOW WHITE’S stepmother should do.

That scene when it has been revealed to Luna how she really looked like beneath the glamour made me pity her. Like she isn’t pretty, she is flawed and she has burns on her skin and her left eyesocket is gone. BUT! after that event in the throne room, nah.

Speaking of that event in the throne room, that was pretty intense. Both of them mind controlling each other And trying to kill each other using their own hands almost made me shout. That’s where we have seen Cinder’s potential because she was able to control her aunt Levana like she was doing to her. It’s like both of them have met each other’s match. And when Levana begged that she will bow down to Cinder, and then stabbed her in the heart, I was like!


you shouldn’t have trusted her! And everything went out so fast after she died. Like I know Cinder had shoot her but picturing it in my head, is like ughh. She deserved it and the little sympathy I had for her vanished.




I know romance isn’t the highlight of this series but I’d like to share some feels with my ships.
According to rank.

THORN AND CRESS. They are the most adorable couple ever. I really laugh out loud that time in the rampion when Cress was trying to avoid Thorne’s gaze ALL THE TIME. And also when they were in a mission and Thorne kissed a Lunar girl which made Cress boil into jealousy. LOL Then on the midst of the chaos, they kissed just like what happened in Cress book haha they are really so adorable together and what wouldn’t I give to see a novella of them. Just them 😀

JACIN AND WINTER. Even all the time, Jacin acted so indifferent towards Winter, their interactions in the beginning were so cute. Like that part when Winter was like all out “notice me senpai” and seated on the hallway and started painting while Jacin was standing and guarding the door it was so adorable. And when winter said, “I love him like I love my own platelet manufacturing plant,” I was like


  • CINDER AND KAI. Well we haven’t gotten much interaction from them because mostly they are apart because mostly Kai is dealing with Levana and Cinder, plotting a rebellion. Their wire cutter moments in the Rampion made me giddy and also the last part when Kai kneel down and offered her her cyborg foot and told Cinder that whoever fits this foot is destined to be with him, that was so sweet. 😀SCARLET AND WOLF. Is my least favorite. I don’t know why, it’s like I can’t feel this alpha mate ordeal. lol sorry but I don’t hate them as a character. But I like the fact how Scarlet can calm wolf whenever he’s turning wolfy again.IKO AND KINNEY. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. BUT THE MOMENT IKO LOOKED AT KINNEY AND FIND HIM BEAUTIFUL, OH STARS, PLEASE MARISSA MAKE THIS COME TRUE.–This is a wonderful conclusion to a beautiful series. The friendship and cooperation in this series is heart-warming. It is indeed an unforgettable journey for every readers.It contains all the dramatic structure of a story, EXPOSITION, RISING ACTION, CLIMAX, FALLING ACTION and a RESOLUTION. And thank youMarissa Meyer for giving us a beautiful series. I’m excited for STARS ABOVE AND THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR. I WONDER WHO THAT IS 😛


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